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David Teague (Producer, Artist, Comic, Actor, Singer Writer, Director, Independent Film Auteur- he also makes a mean Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich) has worked professionally in all phases of entertainment. Starting at the age of 10 he was picked by talent scouts to appear in a series of educational films. At fourteen years of age after showing some talent in the art of animation he was hired by his teacher to help animate at a low-budget film studio. At the age of seventeen he was convinced by friends that he should try his hand at standup comedy. He did- and since that time worked and toured as a comedian in Canada, Reno Nevada, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York.

David has written articles, contributed material to films, comic books, comic strips, other comedians and helped bring many of animation's most beloved characters to life. Working as a comedian David has appeared before local and foreign dignitaries while touring in Canada with his former partner Francois St-Amour, performing comedy in both French and English. A former Disney artist, David has also co-directed two straight-to-video feature animated films for Hyperion Entertainment from the "Little Oz Stories" as well as numerous episodes of animated television for Sony, Walt Disney's DIC Animation City and supervised production overseas for Hanna-Barbera. The culmination of his life experience is reflected in the artistry of the his production of "Suzuki Beane in A Beatnik Thanksgiving".

David was thrilled when the opportunity to purchase the rights to the original book "The Wonderful Adventures of Suzuki Beane" came up. "I was thrilled to speak with the author Sandra Scoppettone after all these years and she hopes we have a great success with our interpretation of her work."

"College Vanier Today" proclaimed Dave to be: "One of the best comedians in Montreal."

"Bon Dimance CFCF TV" forecasted that he has: "A bright future."


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