Quotes in green are statements by Paul Marco
"Night of the Ghouls" was specially written for Paul Marco and the reprise of his role as the spooked but lovable "Kelton the Cop". Kelton gives the audience a light hearted, humorous understanding of the tough job law enforcement can sometimes be. This is the last movie in Ed Wood's Cult Trilogy and has the most cohesive story of the lot. In this film a shady, spiritualist medium by the name of Dr. Acula (wow, how did they ever think of that name) that claims he can contact the dead. Based on reports of roaming spirits the police start to investigate these outrageous sightings. Paul Marco steals this movie with his schtick of a paranoid, bumbling officer who often hides laying down in his patrol car. Kelton complains to the Inspector..."Monsters, space people, mad doctors, they didn't teach me about such things in the police academy. Why do I always get picked for these screwy details all the time- I'll resign...You're all against me- the whole police force is against me- the whole city is against me." Keltons naive, innocent, honest wisdom solves the mystery and saves the day at the films ending. As always the special effects are up to their usual level of hilarious ineptitude. "Sometimes we would run out of money and have to suspend the picture until Ed could raise more cash. We made 'Night of the Ghouls' in seven days and the schedules for the others would run until the budget ran out." Ed's new movie was originally titled "Revenge of the Dead" and was filmed in less than a week which is amazing because its quite good and intentionally funny thanks to Marco's comical performance plus some social redeeming value (finally the productions were made to be campy). The picture was previewed for AIP among other exploitation film distributors but was unreleased for over 20 years until it was finally discovered by Wade Williams in 1982. Wade had foresight and knowledge for fun, fortune entertainment and released it under the title "Night of the Ghouls" an up-to-date title. This movie marked the end of the "Edwoodsian Era" and is great as the sequel to "Bride of the Monster".

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