Quotes in green are statements by Paul Marco

"Bride of the Monster" was the first of three pictures that became known as Ed Wood's Cult Trilogy. This film was Ed Wood's attempt at creating something like the classic Universal monster picture but ends up with many of Wood's trademarks such as weird dialogue, mismatched scenes, poor continuity and angora. Paul Marco debuts his character "Kelton the Cop" which he reprised for "Plan 9 From Outer Space" and "Night of the Ghouls". The story revolves around Bela Lugosi who is great as Dr. Vornoff the mad scientist who lives in a creepy, old house by a swamp. Dr. Vornoff is trying to create a race of giant, atomic supermen to conquer the world along with his assistant Lobo (Tor Johnson) who is one of Dr. Vornoff's former guinea pigs. The grotesque Lobo runs around capturing people so Vornoff can experiment on them with shocking laboratory technology thats actually a photo enlarger hung from a microphone stand. One victim becomes yet another failed human experiment and gets thrown to Vornoffs laboratory pet- the giant octopus in the swamp. The police with our own "Kelton the Cop" get in on the investigation and the clues all lead to Dr. Vornoffs house. A smart aleck reporter refers to Kelton saying "Captain Robbins, tell this Junior G-Man to let me go". One of the movies non-human stars is that giant octopus "borrowed" late one night from the prop house at Republic Studios. In all the excitement they overlooked one important element- the ENGINE to make the octopus tentacles move, so Bela Lugosi had to be the "engine" and throw the arms around while pretending to fight it. This "special effect" resulted in one of the funniest moments in the film. A must see. "In 'Bride of the Monster' people still laugh at the scene where Bela fights a rubber octopus by wrapping the tentacles around himself and an interesting thing about the octopus is that it was a cast off from 'Wake of the Red Witch' with John Wayne. The important thing about 'Bride of the Monster' is that it was Lugosi's last major speaking role. He was in a bad way in 1955 so we held a benefit premiere at the Hollywood Paramount Theater to raise money for him. Bela was a good friend of mine." - Bela's endearing name for Marco was "Paulie". When Marco was asked if Lugosi ever swore like his character did in Burton's "Ed Wood" film Marco replied- "No, they just did that for laughs. Bela was a gentleman with manners and never spoke like that".

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