A Letter from the CEO/President:

Prospecting for Customers is often thought of as the actual contact of potential Clients, but before that can happen the potential Customer must be identified, in the form of a qualified LEAD. The act of simply accumulating names and phone numbers is time consuming, unproductive, and suspect. True prospecting involves gathering of specific information that gives some indication of the likelihood that an individual or organization would be a buyer of your product or service. An adequate supply of fresh prospects in your files will help you to turn otherwise wasted time into profit. The highest expression of skill in selling is demonstrated in the ability to make effective contact with unknown prospects and qualified
LEADS. You can’t sell them if you don’t know who they are!

LEADS are the lifeblood of the selling process and this is where your selling begins. Just as important as uncovering leads is the need to break down those leads according to their potential, to help you prepare a blueprint to guide your sales calls and/or direct mail. Additionally, as qualified leads turn into sales, many one-time Customers will produce long-time referrals. These days, your Customers are more educated about your products and services than ever before. There is more competition than ever before. In addition, the sales cycle is longer than ever before. It means that you must stay on top of your integrity and communicate professionalism. Customers have had enough of the hit-and-run brand of selling and are refusing to do business with anyone that they do not believe to be potentially helpful to their situation and needs. By observing the highest standards of professionalism, selling with integrity, and gearing up to sell every time you contact your lead or referral, you separate the real sales pro from the amateur.

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